Where children are more than students
and learning is more than books.

River Valley Christian Academy is a private school in the town of Nackawic,
New Brunswick.  If you are looking for an alternate educational experience
for your child which includes smaller class size, more one on one with
teaching staff call 506-575-1010 to see what RVCA can offer. 
Grades offered are Junior Kindergarten up to and includes grade 8.

School Closure and Cold Weather Warning

RVCA would like to pass along the protocol for school closures because of
weather conditions put in place by Anglophone West School District. 
As in the past, we have followed the rule “Public schools in our area
closed so will be RVCA”.  This year we are under Anglophone West, Zone 4

NOTE:  Mrs. Lagacy will continue to send out notices to RVCA families in the
event of a closure due to weather. Notices will be sent via REMIND and RVCA’s
Facebook page. RVCA will follow closures for Anglophone West District, Zone 4. 

RVCA will follow Anglophone West schools for wind chill.  When the windchill is
predicting -40° C, all schools will be closed including RVCA.  Thank you!

Financial Partners

Support RVCA today by becoming a Financial Partner. Any business or church that
supports $500+ annually will be given a advertising spot and website link from the
RVCA website. For more information, contact the office at 575-1010.

River Valley Christian Academy
351 Rte 105
Nackawic, NB  E6G 1T9

Tel: 506-575-1010
Fax: 506-575-1040


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