River Valley Christian Academy is the product of a dream that was birthed in the year 2000.   The process of establishing a private Christian school began with two families wanting a nurturing learning environment for their children.  The families briefly talked about home schooling, but the idea quickly arose of forming a private Christian school in Nackawic in which their children could grow intellectually, mentally, physically and spiritually.  The vision included an environment where children could learn ethics, manners and morals during their school day.  It was important for God to be the center of River Valley Christian Academy within the planning stages and within the classroom.  The founders wanted children in the community to be well-equipped young people who would be future leaders within the community. 

There were many hours spent discussing, praying and researching all the many details that are involved in establishing a school.  Visits to neighbouring Chrisitan schools and conversations with other private schools within the province were key in the planning stages.  When visiting other Christian schools, the founders of RVCA were impressed with the level of respect that students administered to guests and staff within their environment.  The curriculum was impressive and also the fact that students of all levels were attaining the requirements within the curriculum. 

Information flyers were sent to the community followed by a public meeting to register the interest of a Christian school within Nackawic.  The response was overwhelming and encouraging as people asked questions regarding curriculum, travel, physical education, dress code, statement of faith and philosophy.  The founders had enough interest from the community which reaffirmed God’s plan for River Valley Christian Academy. 

In 2002, Nackawic Baptist Church became the initial site of RVCA, a K-6 school, with sufficient space for two classrooms and room to grow.  Because there was no facility for a gymnasium, students received an outdoor structured physical education class during the fall and spring which included, but not limited to, fitness, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and soccer.  On a weekly rotation during the winter months, students and staff participated in activities such as bowling, skating and sliding.  Students also had the opportunity to experience various field trips within the area.  Staffing for the first year of RVCA consisted of two teachers, one also being the principal.  The primary classroom included kindergarten through grade 2 where the secondary classroom consisted of grades 3 through 6; total student population was nine students. 

RVCA, governed by the Board of Directors, obtained charitable organization status.  Fundraising played a major role in the daily operation of the school.  The board and staff worked diligently to follow God’s leading and, in turn, God blessed the school time and time again. 

In 2004, RVCA purchased land within Nackawic limits on Route 105.  During the closure of St. Anne Nackawic Pulp and Paper Mill, one of the hardest times of Nackawic’s history, the construction of RVCA was fully underway.  God called men and women from the town and surrounding areas to pull together to complete the construction of the school.  He was again faithful!  In January of 2005, the school moved into the recently constructed log building which was donated by Riverbend Log Homes.  The school was blessed beyond measure and grew from nine students in two classrooms within a church building to approximately forty students in four classrooms within a new building.  

The current facility not only houses four classrooms, but an administration office, kitchen and washroom facilities.  The playground is full of swings, teeter totters, monkey bars, soccer nets, hockey nets, badminton nets, volley ball nets, and basketball nets.  The school equipment shed is full of hockey sticks, soccer balls, volleyballs, and basketballs along with sand toys, badminton rackets and skipping ropes.  Students enjoy various activities during recess with their friends.

RVCA is presently operating within this building with plans of expansion at the forefront.  The vision for the school is growth.  Within God’s will, anything is possible and the Board of Directors is trusting in their Guide in all matters.   The quality of education in a nurturing, Godly environment has and will always be the school’s daily focus.  God has great plans for the youth in our area and we are excited to be part of it!



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